Natural Latex Mattresses

Natural Latex Mattresses are great and even better when used with an Electric Adjustable Bed Our Natural Latex Mattress Supplier of Chemical Free Latex Gold:

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Latex Gold

Latex Gold is a pure and natural foam which features in our range of natural chemical free mattresses. It contains natural antibacterial properties to help maintain a healthier sleep environment and anti-allergenic properties which is great for asthma and hay fever sufferers. Latex Gold moulds to your unique shape to give support to the contours of your body whilst maintaining breathability with its superior air flow circulation. This helps prevent moisture build up and the development of mould in your mattress while you sleep. All this whilst being produced from carefully managed and sustainable sources.

Health Benefits of using an adjustable bed

Electric Adjustable beds are the best way to sleep for young and old.

If you sleep with head and foot slightly inclined it will help to..
– Stop snoring with easier breathing and eliminate acid reflux.
– Ease pressure on lower spine and back.
– Better relaxation of heart muscles and increased blood circulation.
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Super Specials

Queen Size Natural latex Gold 6 inch Sale Price $1675
With pin core 100% Natural Latex mattress includes zip off Outlast thermotech cover.

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Queen Bendigo (tension adjustable for each partner) Posture Slat Bed Sale Price $995
Buy the 2 together for Special Price $2475


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Natural Latex Mattresses A great Product proved over the last 100 years.
(not to be confused with newer Latex Mattress” imported from China which are synthetic and full of fillers)

From an article from Choice magazine:
“Latex (natural rubber) mattresses can be very expensive, and may also need an expensive flexible-slat base. One made of good-quality, pure latex, however, can be expected to last 20-25 years. A latex mattress may be a good option for allergy sufferers because they’re less likely to harbour mould and dustmites.
Our German counterparts found that these don’t wobble like inner-spring mattresses (reducing partner disturbance). consider getting one with a firm innercore and soft top layer, so you get the luxurious, spongy feeling without sinking right into it”
Reference link Choice Magazine

Is it a waste of time laying on a bed in a retail shop for 5-10 minutes?
You won’t know if it suites you until you sleep on it for 1 or 2 nights, so that’s why we offer a 28 day change over guarantee.
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We supply these mattresses in all sizes.
We also can add a Dunlop® Memory foam top to give you the best of both worlds. We will save you $100’s if not $1000’s on these mattresses.
We send Australia Wide by Insured Freight.

Natural rubber latex is produced from the rubber tree.
Natural latex is recognised for its’ therapeutic properties,
such as its’ ability to provide orthopedic support.
It offers optimal posture and lumbar support whilst keeping free of pressure points.
This reduces tossing and turning and allows a deeper, more restful sleep.
Latex is also hypoallergenic, durable and has thermal qualities.
It is porous and therefore breathable, keeping the body cool in summer and warm in winter.

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Beware a lot of cheaper chinese latex is made with synthetic hardners to make it seem natural, however this type of latex deteriorates within a few years. Latex Gold® has been made since 1910 and will last 30 years Plus.

Although dust mites can not live in natural latex If you have a fitted cover they can live in this, that is why being able to take the cover off and cleaning it every 12 months or so will keep the dust mites away.

Please do not confuse solid pin core natural latex which is the premium product with pillow top latex with springs. Adding springs is a cheaper way to go and sometimes the latex they put in can be as little as 6mm (1/4inch) thick and they still promote them as latex beds.

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